Directory of Wellness Professionals

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Name Expertise Company or Association Phone Email Website/FB WellnessConnect Article
Emile Serrette hiking Nature Trekkers 1 (868) 389-7441 Nature Trekkers: Going Beyond Expectations
Jason Gooding triathlon The Rainbow Warriors Club 1 (868) 784-4128 Facebook page Rainbow Warriors: Outdoor Fun For All Ages
Colin Inniss pharmacy The Pharmaceutical Society 1 (868) 787-7556 Facebook page Behind Your Pills: Pharmaceutical Society
Patricia Neptune trichology (hair) International Beauty and Wellness Day Spa & Trichology Clinic 1 (868) 642-3252/ 683-8027 It’s All Hair: Trichology in T&T
Dawn Solomon career wellness coach 1 (868) 685-1220 Career Wellness Coaching for Professionals
Major Sarwan Boodram krav maga Combat Readiness Programme 1 (868) 789-9268 Facebook page Krav Maga: The Combat Readiness Lifestyle
Johanna Simon gymnastics Gymnastics Explorers Club 1 (868) 769-8008 Facebook page Gymnastics Explorers Club: The Balance
Amir Ali massage Massage Association 1 (868) 755-9135 Facebook page Massage Therapy: The Profession of Touch
Nicole De Freitas, Carla Rauseo, Lorraine Hadeed rehabilitation Total Rehab Centre 1 (868) 675-4973 Total Rehab Centre: Holistic Health
Alison Godwin agriculture Grande Agro Tourism 1 (868) 863-2203 Facebook page Grande Agro: The Complete Experience
David Ablack water purification CaribOzone 1 (868) 684-5542 Facebook page CaribOzone: A Lifetime of Clean, Pure Water
Lesley Garcia occupational therapy, elderly care Hibiscus Place Adult Day Centre 1 (868) 632-3669 Hibiscus Place Adult Day Centre: Therapy in the Golden Years
Nicolette Choo Quan mental health therapy Hibiscus Place, BE YOU 1 (868) 369-6626 Mental Health Therapy through the Expressive Arts
Ingrid Seegobin nutritionist, fitness Hibiscus Place, Women Only Workout 1 (868) 745-6948 WOW: Women Only Workout
Ronald Robertson zip-lining ZIP-ITT 1 (868) 381-8543 Facebook page ZIP-ITT: The Thrill of the Swoosh
Karen Stollmeyer hippotherapy Horses Helping Humans 1 (868) 768-6394 Facebook page Holistic Healing with Horses and Yoga
JC Blandin fitness Provocative Fitness 1 (868) 339-9496 Facebook page Provocative Fitness: Making Sexy Fit
Brian Superville spinn, fitness New Wave Health Club, Spinners’ World 1 (868) 377-3094 Rev it up!: Spinning with Brian
Yvonne Batson nutritionist Good Health Medical Centre 1 (868) 799-9118 Yvonne Batson: Changing the Future of Diabetes in T&T
Kirk Niles music therapy 1 (868) 290-5526 Music Therapy: The Rhythm of Healing
Marc Ramlal rock climbing Trini Rock Climbers, Rock Climbing Association 1 (868) 689-2953 Facebook page Indoor and Out: It’s The Climb
Dr. Allana Roach genetics, fitness Studio W 1 (868) 622-9394 Facebook page Studio W: A Community of Care
Sifu Rahman Khabir martial arts Wushu Association, Tai Chi Institution 1 (868) 688-7010/ 354-1114/ 645-8396 Tai Chi: A Way of Life
Teisha Castillo, Kyle Ali, Lester Marin, Mekeisha Fraser latin dance Rhythm & Style 1 (868) 481-5548/ 680-7598/ 712-1999/ 682-0040 Facebook page Rhythm and Style: Latin Dance in T&T
Brent Elder fitness 1 (868) 768-5671 Brent Elder: The Catalyst of Fitness
Uchenna Hackett holistic wellness Livet Wellness Centre & Holistic Spa 1 (868) 674-5015 Livet Wellness Centre & Holistic Spa
Keisha Lindsay speech therapy, occupational therapy The Therapeutic Workshoppe 1 (868) 463-5146 Facebook page The Therapeutic Workshoppe: Speech Language & Occupational Therapy in T&T
Eric Kipps occupational safety JARIC Environment Safety and Health Services 1 (868) 221-4100/ 223-1198 Safety First: The Audit You Need
Arlene James Euin midwifery Trinidad and Tobago Association of Midwives (TTAM) 1 (868) 679-8008 The T&T Association of Midwives: Delivering the Future
Dr. Lall Sawh urology Southern Medical Clinic, West Shore Medical 1 (868) 622-0096/ 622-3504/ 657-7294 Urologist Dr. Lall Sawh: Pioneering the Field Dr. Sawh: Making Medical History — Again
Dr. Debra Bartholomew ophthalmology 1 (868) 792-4338 Facebook page Eye Health in T&T: A Closer Look
Trevlon Hall BMX freestyle Trinidad & Tobago Freestyle Association 1 (868) 714-9926 Facebook page Trevlon Hall: BMX Freestyle Pioneer
Kristi Lewis-Maingot rehabilitation Renew Clinic 1 (868) 623-7827/ 622-7468/ 223-HEAL Facebook page Renew Clinic: Beyond Therapy
Krista Hamel-Smith therapy clinic Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organisation (CKFTO) 1 (868) 628-3268 Facebook page Caribbean Kids & Families Therapy Organisation: A Family of Care
Yvonne Braithwaite-Superville home healthcare Rovon Home Healthcare & Rovoneire MediSpa 1 (868) 694-0866/ 635-1623/ 755-7059/ 350-2993 Facebook page Rovon: Home Healthcare with a Difference
Dr. Gerard Antoine physical rehabilitation Caribbean Medical Providers Practicing Abroad 1 (571) 237-6834 Giving Back – Caribbean Medical Providers Practicing Abroad
Dr. C. James Hospedales public health The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) 1 (868) 622-4261 CARPHA: Public Health on the Agenda
Dr. Clifford Thomas interventional cardiology Premier Heart Care 1 (868) 221-2408 Taking Care of Your Heart – Dr. Clifford Thomas, Premier Heart Care Ltd.
Leon Carmichael, Azulao Manganga, Sean St. John, Anderson Mitchell, Clifford Guy martial arts Capoiera Association of Trinidad & Tobago (CATT) 1 (868) 764-8304 Facebook page CATT: The Community of Capoeira
Chevaughn & Noel Joseph paediatric cancer support services The Just Because Foundation 1 (868) 299 2523/ 299-4523 The Just Because Foundation: Care Beyond Cancer
Mary Fullerton Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) The ADHD Foundation of Trinidad & Tobago 1 (868) 681-3483 Facebook page The ADHD Foundation of Trinidad & Tobago: Raising Awareness
Dr. Catherine Minto-Bain fertility T&T IVF & Fertility Centre 1 (868) 622-8869 Facebook page T&T IVF & Fertility Centre: Delivering Hope
Gregory Arneaud sleep disorders ISD Health Solutions/ Island Sleep Diagnostics 1 (868) 63-SNORE (637-6673) Facebook page ISD Health Solutions: Making Sleep Count
Katherine Dalton-Brown Long yoga Yoga 4 Youth 1 (868) 290-YOGA (290-9642) Facebook page Yoga 4 Youth: A Life of Balance
Kerron Ford freestyle football 1 (868) 483-4562 Freestyle Football: A Ball and a Dream
Glen Niles down syndrome The Down Syndrome Family Network 1 (868) 491-3429 The Down Syndrome Family Network: Advocating for Inclusion
The Rape Crisis Society rape The Rape Crisis Society 1 (868) 627-7273 1 (868) 657-5355 Rape & Domestic Violence in T&T: Reaching Out
The Coalition Against Domestic Violence domestic violence The Coalition Against Domestic Violence 1 (868) 624-0402 800-SAVE (7283) Facebook page Rape & Domestic Violence in T&T: Reaching Out
Dr. Alexandra Ames women’s health, chronic disease management, family medicine 1 (868) 222-5150 / 1 (868) 221-3983 Dr. Alexandra Ames: Medicine Made Simple
Dr. James Bratt geriatric psychiatry The Bratt Clinic (1 868) 622-9937 Facebook page Dr. James Bratt: Psychiatry for Seniors
Dr. Jacqueline Sabga, Lilia Mootoo hospice care Vitas House Hospice 1 (868) 628-4673 Vitas House – Quality Hospice Care
Dr. Rene Ramnarace gastroenterologist The National Association of Crohn’s & Colitis of Trinidad and Tobago 1 (868) 482-0736 Facebook page Digestive Disorders: Crohn’s and Colitis in T&T
Jerome Richardson / Bboy Young 10 breakdancing, hiphop dancing 1 (868) 357-5124 Facebook page Bboy Young10: Breakdancing in the Spotlight
Dinesh Mahabir cricket, biomechanics Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board 1 (868) 636 1577/ 1 (868) 636 4745 Biomechanics: Behind the Scene of Cricket
Kenny Lindsay body fitness, bodybuilding, men’s physique Raw Fitness Health Club 1 (868) 328-6653 Kenny Lindsay: Mr. Physique
Edson Breedy taekwondo, martial arts 1 (868) 794-7975 Facebook page Instagram Twitter Taekwondo Champ Edson Breedy: Onward to Rio
Mweia Elias nutrition Empower Nutrition 1 (868) 795-9311 Empower Nutrition: The Power of Nutrition
Robert Taylor Roopnarine “Boysie” Bissessar gym management New Wave Wellness Consultants 1 (868) 686-6771 New Wave: Corporate Gym Management & Outfitting
Calvin Mendez insurance, financial consulting Guardian Group 1 (868) 625-7655 1 (868) 223-1121-6 1 (868) 685-2741 Talking Financial Wellness with Calvin Mendez
Nyal Khan gym management Raw Fitness Health Club 1 (868) 225-8817 Facebook page Raw Fitness: Getting Pumped in South T&T
Bianca Bianco healthy cooking Bianco Bianco Healthy & Gourmet Teaching Kitchen 1 (868) 719-8092 / (868) 662-7244 Bianca Bianco: Nourishing the Body, Feeding the Soul
Anica Sanoir diabetes education Caribbean Lifestyle Diabetes Centre 1 (868) 473-8747 Facebook page Caribbean Lifestyle Diabetes Centre: Taking Charge
David Prince fitness Prince Body Blast Sculpt 1 (868) 786-5078 / 1 (868) 332-2187 Body Blast with the Prince of Fitness
Candilla Berment-Harper Special Olympics Special Olympics of Trinidad & Tobago 1 (868) 735-0970 / 1 (868) 330-3567 Facebook page Special Olympics: The Ability to Excel
Karie Ann De Gannes lymphemeda Lymphedema Association of Trinidad and Tobago 1 (868) 776-7285 Facebook page Lymphedema Association of T&T: Raising Awareness