With most advertising mediums, you are never quite sure who receives the advertising message. So if you want to reach the working individual — or the wellness-minded individual, as the case may be… WellnessConnect is an excellent choice, as most office employees are logged into their work email throughout the day.

Targeted-Online-AdvertisingThe WellnessConnect Advantage

1) Reach (over 12,200+ corporate viewers)

WellnessConnect gives your ads a much wider local coverage and this helps in making your online advertisements reach more people, which may ultimately help you in getting improved and more relevant results through your online advertising campaign. Apart from our corporate viewers that subscribe to receive the quarterly magazine and web updates, we have a rapidly-expanding list of individual subscribers — not to mention our faithful Facebook followers which seem to be growing every day (you can check the latest number of fans here!)

2) Affordability

Advertising with WellnessConnect is much more affordable than using traditional advertising media, and there are many more options to suit various budgets.

3) Measurability

One of the greatest benefits of online advertising is the ability to measure rather than guess randomly at the impact of your ad. Online analytics tools can measure online advertising campaigns, thus allowing more flexibility and improvisation as you can tweak your ads to measure what works. You can even check your own website’s analytics to see how many hits came from our WellnessConnect site.

4) Build leads to your own site

You can convey the key points about the advertisement to the audience, and lead them directly to your website for more information. This gives you more control over your message, and builds your own audience for your website.

5) Audience Engagement

Online advertising makes is easy for the audience to engage with your ads or products. As an advertiser you would be able to get more feedback from the audience and thereby improve the quality of your ads going forward.

Our WellnessConnect Pricing

We are a wellness magazine and we are selective about who advertises with us. Each advertiser is special to us, and we work with you to achieve the best result. We don’t provide you with a standard ad; we provide you with a comprehensive advertising package where we use multiple techniques to help advertise your product or service. Our pricing model is based on our corporate audience (see our corporate subscriber listing) and the fact that we publish quarterly. You can choose to be one of our Sponsors (see our sponsor listing), or choose a one-off cost based on our pricing packages below.

Has your company contributed significantly to health and wellness in your organisation or in your community? If you would like to share your company’s wellness initiatives, ask about our custom Sponsorship Packages.

If you would prefer not to be a sponsor, but still want to advertise with us, please choose one of our Pricing Packages as follows:

Premium Gold Silver Bronze A Bronze B Button ads Web only
$8,000 $5,000 $2,500 $2000 $1,800 $1,000 $800
full page (1224 x 792 pixels) 1/2 page (612 x 792 pixels) 1/4 page horizontal (612 x 396 pixels) 1/3 page vertical (408 x 792 pixels) 1/4 page vertical (306 x 792 pixels) 1/8 page (306 x 396 pixels) (rotating on website)
2 issues 2 issues 2 issues 1 issue 1 issue 1 issue n/a
website ads for 12 mths website ads for 9 mths website ads for 6 mths website ads for 6 mths website ads for 3 mths website ads for 3 mths 3 mths
*All prices are in Trinidad & Tobago Dollars (TTD). * All packages include links to your company’s website *All packages (except web only) offer 10% discount if you advertise with us for four (4) consecutive issues Guide to Advertising Sizes in our quarterly WellnessConnect Magazine: WC-Advertising-Guide

Need more info? Contact us at 686-6771/688-8462 or contact@ttwellnessconnect.com to explore advertising possibilities or to ask anything else you may need to know about advertising your business on WellnessConnect!

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